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This system offers Aeronautical Information Services such as:
  • access to aeronautical data, such as aerodromes, FIRs, UIRs and routes.
  • access to meteorological data, such as TAF and METAR.
  • filing and monitoring of flight plans.
  • receipt and update of pre-flight NOTAM briefings.

The flight plans and briefings that you submit are stored in your personal flight handbook. The handbook gives you quick access to your recent flight plans and briefings and keeps track of their status. You may also reuse a flight plan or briefing from the handbook to create a new one. The content of the handbook is kept from one session to another.
Convenient facilities include:

  • Interactive map to select aerodromes or FIRs.
  • Search facilities to find and select aeronautical data from the database.
  • Personal settings and data allowing you to store briefing preferences, FIRs, aerodromes, routes and pilot information, in order to use them for flight plan and briefing requests.

After registration and validation, your user account will be valid for 12 months after which time you will be requested to renew it.
Comprehensive online help is available. In addition, a helpdesk supporting file2fly users has been set up.
The helpdesk can be contacted at:
 Tel: (011) 928 6423

There is no fee charged by ATNS for the use of file2fly.

In line with the licensing agreement with the system developers only South African pilots and operators as well as pilots with an address within South Africa may be registered on file2fly.

After receiving the e-mail with your logon and password you may use the system immediately.